Three Reasons to Attend a Virtual Summit (try one about Parenting)

Here are three reasons to attend a virtual summit and the detail about how you can try one about parenting. The research is done for you  According to “The Virtual Summit is a conference […]


7 Urgent Tips for Parents on Teaching Money Management for Kids

Image of Pinterest pin about money management for kids

Money management for kids can be a tough subject for parents to teach. These 7 tips include 5 things to avoid and 2 things you must do now. Avoid These When Teaching Money Management for […]


Teach Kids Financial Literacy

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Who Will Teach Kids Financial Literacy? According to the T. Rowe Price 7th Annual Parents, Kids, & Money Survey from March 2015, 80% of parents don’t think schools are doing enough to teach kids financial […]


Have Kids Invest Early, It’s More Important Than Ever

kids invest early

Why should you be worried if your kids invest early? Let’s face some facts. Most people are not preparing adequately for their retirements. 57% of people working today don’t even have a retirement account. For […]


Avoid This Financial Mistake When Teaching Kids About Spending Money

avoid this financial mistake

If most parents are concerned about setting a good example and feel they are doing a good job at it, then what financial mistake could you be overlooking? “About 70% of parents responded that they […]


Financial Literacy Warning! The News Isn’t Good and it’s Even Worse for Your Kids

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What does financial literacy mean? Below are two definitions. According to the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy, it is “the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime […]