Three Reasons to Attend a Virtual Summit (try one about Parenting)


Here are three reasons to attend a virtual summit and the detail about how you can try one about parenting.

The research is done for you

 According to “The Virtual Summit is a conference held online that brings together expert speakers to present on a specific topic.” Instead of days researching a topic, the summit organizers have put everything together for you. You can review the list of speakers and topics and attend all of the sessions of just those that you find most interesting. Even if you only find a topic slightly interesting, you can replay it at a faster speed to quickly determine if that session is for you. If it is, you can simply slow it down and give it your full attention. A virtual summit is a great way to get an overview of a subject such as parenting as well as detailed coverage of the many topics that fall under that niche.

It’s free

Since it’s virtual, you can access a summit online and avoid the cost of traveling to an in-person conference. Most virtual summits are also free. You’ll have to register with your email address, but virtual summits usually give you a free ticket to attend online. Be prepared to review some paid premium offers when you sign up. It’s customary to have the option to pay for an all-access pass to a virtual summit. This premium gives you access to all of the presentations so you can review them at your convenience. Without the pass, you usually only have a day or two to review the content before it is removed. Many virtual summits also offer another premium which includes bonus paid content from the speakers. This bonus might be called something like an action pack or bonus materials.

Connect with experts

During a virtual summit, you often have access to expert speakers and presenters. They might do question and answer sessions or participate live by chat while their session is airing. Many times, they also offer some kind of special freebie for summit participants or a special discount on their paid content. Pay attention to the bonus materials or action pack offer. You can often get dozens of paid content pieces for less than the usual cost of just one premium product. At a minimum, you can find an expert, watch their presentation, and then join their email list or sign up for their free resource offer to learn more about them and their subject.

Try It Now: Attend a virtual summit about Parenting

The Next Phase Parenting Summit taking place January 4-7, 2021 offers you the opportunity to hear from over 20 expert speakers on subjects including parenting teens and college students; college, career, and life preparation; paying for college; and empty nest. Daddy401k is one of the speakers! My presentation on “3 Personal Finance Fundamentals Your Kid Needs for the Real World” which airs on January 6, 2021. Get your free ticket here. (If, you’d also like to promote as an affiliate, go here after you register for the summit).  When you sign up for your free ticket, here are the details about the premium offers. There will be two upgrades available: an ALL ACCESS PASS and an ALL ACCESS PASS + ACTION PACK.

The All Access Pass includes lifetime access to all of the presentations at the beginning of the summit. You also get , and a workbook with presentation notes, action steps, and worksheets for each session. The price starts at $14.97 if you upgrade when registering for your free ticket.

The All Access Pass + Action Pack – includes everything in the All Access Pass plus much more. You get over $1000 in additional resources, memberships, coaching, and other bonuses. The price starts at $37 if you upgrade when registering for your free ticket. One of the bonuses in this package is the Daddy401k premium ebook, “5 Things Parents Must Teach Kids About Money” which normally sells for $37 by itself. So for $37, you get this $37 ebook as well as similar premium content from the other speakers and the benefits and conveniences of the All Access Pass.


Three reasons for attending a virtual summit are that the research is done for you, it’s free, and it’s a great way to connect with experts. Try a virtual summit about Parenting now by clicking here to get register for your free ticket. Register now because the online summit runs from January 4-7, 2021. Make sure you catch Daddy401k’s presentation, “3 Personal Finance Fundamentals Your Kid Needs for the Real World” which airs on January 6, 2021. Consider the convivence and extras that come with the All Access Pass or the All Access Pass + Action Pack which includes the Daddy401k ebook, “5 Things Parents Must Teach Kids About Money” and over 20 other premium resources as well as the convenience and extras included in the All Access Pack.



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The Dad of Daddy401k is John Q. Miller. John is a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach and earned a Certificate in Financial Planning from Florida State University. Daddy401k is what his daughters called the financial literacy for kids program he and his wife created to teach them how to manage money, avoid debt, and start investing early for their financial freedom. John’s and his wife’s personal finance coaching of their daughters resulted in two young women who are college graduates, employed, debt free, living on a budget with an emergency fund, and already investing in their retirements.

16 thoughts on “Three Reasons to Attend a Virtual Summit (try one about Parenting)”

  1. I have done quite a few of these for work this year and they are fantastic . I enjoyed it virtually even more so than being in person as it was free and there was less distractions!

    1. Thanks, Ciara. I agree. I’ve found many experts through free virtual summits and enjoyed being able to concentrate on their presentations without all of the travel and expense.

    1. Thanks for spreading the word Tina. I have learned that the summits are a bit different than the marketing webinars. The webinars are often a long marketing pitch and we end up having to buy something to learn what we wanted to find out. Most of the summits are different. We get some good info in a shorter presentation with much less marketing and pressure to buy something.

  2. I got so much out of the virtual summits I have watched. I found a naturopathic doctor through her talk on one and ended up being her patient. I have also hosted a virtual summit on living with food allergies. Such great free information can be found this way.

  3. This is all great info! I had never thought about attending a summit, but you really explained the reasoning perfectly — you get to connect with the experts! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Liz. I’ve learned lots of great tips from experts during summits. You can pick and choose which topics most interest you and quickly decide after listening for a few minutes if they can help you.

  4. Learning something new and connecting with others are definitely convincing reasons for me to attend. Thanks for sharing.

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