Financial Literacy for Kids eBooks

Improve Your Kids’ Financial Literacy Faster With Proven Tools And Systems That Make it Simple

These Financial Literacy for Kids eBooks are designed to produce results and save you hours of time and stress in teaching your kids personal finance and investing early in dividend stocks and mutual funds!

Financial Literacy for Kids
Get started with this FREE resource about why financial literacy for kids is important.It includes self-assessments and checklists for parents and for kids.

5 Things Parents Must Teach Kids About Money
This ebook fully explains the basics of our money management concepts with specific examples of how we did it.

Millionaire by 51
‚ÄčThis ebook will walk you through how to select and set up a Daddy 401k for your kid. It includes the step-by-step process with screenshots, options, and tips that you won’t find anywhere else.‚Äč

More Financial Literacy for Kids eBooks and other products are coming soon…

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